Books, books, books, and more books

poster_enlargeWe love reading.  All kinds of books.  Talking about taking our kids to this year’s National Book Festival at the Library of Congress got us thinking about authors we know.  We realized that we’re lucky to count several book authors among our family and close friends.  Maybe that’s why we like reading so much!

In their honor, as a virtual addition to the National Book Festival, here’s a shortlist of books written by our family and friends for you to consider adding to your reading list.  And yes, we’ve read and recommend all of them!


  • The Cottoncrest Curse, by Michael H. Rubin: a legal thriller and historical fiction epic set in Louisiana’s bayou country (release date Sept. 10, and available for pre-order now)
  • The Shifter’s Tale, by Adam Alexander: a sci-fi young adult action/adventure novel set in Chicago
  • The End as I Know It: a Novel of Millenial Anxiety, by Kevin Shay: a wry look at the political hysteria surrounding Y2K through the story of a 25yo children’s singer and puppeteer who is convinced he alone realizes the true danger of Y2K and how to stop it


What books do you recommend?

Your turn....What do you think?

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