Who We Are

Her:  5th generation Louisiana Jew.  Big sister.  Oldest of 5 grandchildren on one side; middle of 5 grandchildren on the other, and still close with all 6 first cousins.  Private school kid.  High school and college athlete.  Ivy league-educated.  Unexpected sorority girl.  Big firm lawyer-turned-social entrepreneur and mompreneur.  Wife.  Mother of two girls. Ultimate Frisbee player.  Hack pianist.  Postcard-sender.  Self-diagnosed cyberchondriac.  Fascinated by cities, systemic change, and behavioral psychology.  Loves to rearrange furniture in the middle of the night.  Prefers to be barefoot whenever possible.  Has a weakness for pedicures, massages, and Middle Eastern food.  Terrified of flying (even though she flies all the time).

Him:  Born in Chicago, spent his first 3 years in South Africa, grew up in Boston.  Middle child.  Graduate of public primary schools, a New England prep school, a liberal arts college, & a PAC-10 business school. Serial tech entrepreneur-turned-professional tech investor. Frequently worried about the family running out of money.  Highly-accomplished violinist (considered going pro).  Amateur mandolin player. Husband.  Dad of two girls.  Community and synagogue volunteer.  Occasional goatee-sporter.  Golf enthusiast.  Technology early-adopter.  Avid spreadsheet-maker.  The family chef.  Knowledgeable about cars, knives, guns, and cooking.  Regular gym-goer.  Chagrined at how quickly his post-40 body is falling apart.

Us:  Met on an Ultimate Frisbee field.  Dated for a year, engaged for a year, married since 2002.  Parents to two fabulous, energizing, challenging, amazing, talkative, loving, giggly little girls with minds of their own and one allergic-to-everything 10 year old puppy with heart failure.  Will spend money on experiences over material goods any day. Moved ourselves 8 times in our first 9 years of marriage – 3 times not by choice; 4 times with kids.  Homeowners. Still getting used to living in Virginia.  Jewish.  Lovers of travel, interesting people, thoughtful conversation, theater, and great food.  Amateur collectors of folk art.  Struggling to become the best people, partners, parents, and professionals we can be.

4 thoughts on “Who We Are

  1. This is terrific in so many ways.. Linda and I are you in 10 years, Abigail is now 17 and Sophia is now 14.. funny thing is that we also have two older daughters that are married! We’re also a jewish home, and steeped in the love of reading and spending time together in thoughtful discussions.. We LOVED the special times reading to our girls & playing games so much we could not imagine missing these special moments with our grandson Avery who lives 600 miles away in portland. Having invented web conferencing we had the technical ability to solve our problem and the problem for so many families with mom’s and dads that travel or have children’s grandparents that don’t live close.. Check out ustyme.com or the app for ipad..

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